must love cats

/ Sunday, May 5, 2013 /

po is a cat lover. he's been craving having one for a looong time and now he got one. she is sushi cat, named after his favourite game.

but sushi often feels lonely, mostly in the morning until noon when po in the school. she told us that she needs friend. so we brought her a friend -that might be her boyfriend someday- a boy with white fur and blue eyes named max.

unlike sushi, max tend to be inside our house than to play outside. he'd rather sleep than catch a bird. but sushi, she is tomboy. love being outside and eat grass. climb a tree and scare billi the bird. she rarely meow, but when she does, it sounds like "ekk..".

they both love to cuddle, sleep, and hug our feet. they purr so loud. they are so cat and we love them.
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